Indigenous Film Festival: "Basketmaker" by Cathy Martin and Four Short Films by Carr Sappier

February 1, 2020
Indigenous Film Festival: "Basketmaker" by Cathy Martin and Four Short Films by Carr Sappier



New Documentary by award-winning Mi’kmaq Filmmaker Cathy Martin

This documentary is on Mi’kmaw women basket makers and their contribution to the traditional art form and economy.

Before the documentary, we will present four short films by Carr Sappier:


  • Wasis - Using found fabrics and objects, this film recreates an imaginative world from the perspective of an unborn child. The variety of shapes, colours and sounds are ambiguously explored as if seeing and hearing them for the first time.


  • Nisuwok Cocahoq (Two Spirited) - A coming of age story that follows June, a non-binary teenager who is beginning to express and embrace their gender identity. Besides having to deal with their everyday battle of body dysphoria, June is also struggling to maintain a relationship with a father who has been ignoring their journey.


  • Apotamkin - Short film inspired by stories heard from the Wolastoqiyik elders in Tobique First Nation where director, Carly Sappier was born and raised. Step inside of this world of song and dance as it is influenced by the sea monster (Apotamkin) who captures those who disrespect the waters.


  • Manape Mani – “Manape Mani” translates to Walking Soldier, a name gifted suitably to performing two-spirited artist Madeline Terrbasket (Syilx). This short documentary is an intimate portrait of Madeline’s Okanagan roots and journey into performance.


The Indigenous Film Festival is a three-day event hosted by the Senate Committee on Reconciliation. Click HERE to see the full festival schedule.