Current Opportunities & Partners

Internship Opportunities

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Internship Partners

Our list of internship placements continuously grows and adapts to offer personalized opportunities for students in all academic departments and of all career interests. Below is a list of NGOs and small to medium sized businesses where St. Thomas students have interned or are currently interning.

3+ Corporation
(Economics & Business, Communications & Public Policy, International Relations, Journalism, Sociology)

Associates of the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
History, Fine Arts, Political Science

Autism Connections Fredericton
Psychology, Sociology, Human Rights, Education

Beaverbrook Art Gallery
Fine Arts, French, History, Sociology, Education

Big Brothers, Big Sisters Fredericton
Sociology, Human Rights, Psychology, Education


Canadian Mental Health Association of New Brunswick
Psychology, Social Work

Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society of NB
Environment & Society, Communications & Public Policy

Capital Region Mental Health and Addictions Association
(Communications & Public Policy, Psychology, Economics & Business, Education, Human Rights, Social Work)

Charlotte Street Art Centre
Fine Arts, Languages, Music, Communications, Philosophy


Child & Youth Advocate Office of NB 
Human Rights, Law, Political Science, Social Work

Chinova Bioworks 
Economics, Science & Technology Studies, Business

City of Fredericton
Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Communications & Public Policy

CJPN Radio 90.5 FM
Journalism, French, Communications

Conservation Council of New Brunswick 
Environment & Society, Communications & Public Policy, Political Science

Curling Canada 
Communications & Public Policy, Sports Journalism, Sports Psychology

Department of Public Safety
Criminology & Criminal Justice, Sociology, Law, Gender Studies, Human Rights

Dialogue NB
(Communications & Public Policy, Economics & Business, Education, Environment & Society, Human Rights, Native Studies, Political Science)

Elizabeth Fry Society New Brunswick
(Communications & Public Policy, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Economics & Business, Education, Gender Studies)

Enrich Kids
(Education, Human Rights, Psychology, Science & Technology, Sociology)

Families Against Violent Extremism
Sociology, Religious Studies, Human Rights, International Relations

First Mobile Education 
Education, Communications & Public Policy, International Relations

Fredericton Downtown Community Health Centre
Human Rights, Psychology, Sociology

Fredericton Region Museum
History, Anthropology, Science & Technology Studies, Sociology


Fredericton SPCA 
Animal Rights, Environment & Society, Communications, Journalism

Frontier College
(Education, Human Rights, Social Work, Communications & Public Policy)

Gignoo Transition House
Criminology & Criminal Justice, Native Studies, Human Rights, Sociology

Goose Lane Editions
English Language & Literature, Creative Writing, Great Books

Greener Village
Sociology, Human Rights, Environment & Society

Hartt Shoe Co. 
Marketing, Business, Fashion

Hospice Fredericton 
Gerontology, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work

Communications, Business, Marketing

Huddle Today
(Journalism, Communications and Public Policy)

Ignite Fredericton 
Economics, Business, Communications & Public Policy, Psychology

Immigration Fredericton
(Communications & Public Policy, Economics & Business, Education, English Language & Literature, Fine Arts)

John Howard Society of Canada
Criminology & Criminal Justice, Psychology, Sociology, Law Politics and Society


King’s Landing 
History, Anthropology, Great Books, Education, French

Learning Disabilities Association of NB
Education, English Language & Literature, Sociology, Psychology

Multicultural Association of Fredericton
History, Anthropology, French, Spanish, Human Rights, Sociology


Nashwaak Villa Nursing Home
Gerontology, Sociology, Human Rights, Psychology, Gender Studies


Nature NB 
Environment & Society, Science & Technology Studies, Education

English Language & Literature, Creative Writing, Great Books

Nature Trust of New Brunswick 
Environment & Society, Education, Science & Technology Studies, English Literature

Naveco Power 
Economics, Communications & Public Policy, Business

NB Student Alliance 
Political Science, International Relations, Human Rights, Research

New Brunswick Association of Social Workers 
Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Gender Studies

Opal Family Services 
Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Human Rights

Open Your Art 
Fine Arts, Psychology, Art Therapy

Out Of the Cold (Community Action Group on Homelessness)
Human Rights, Sociology, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Economics


Person Centred Universe
Gerontology, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work


Peterbilt Atlantic 
Economics, Business, International Relations, Finances

Pine Grove Nursing Home 
Gerontology, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work

Planet Hatch
Economics, Business, Entrepreneurship, Communications, Political Science

River Stone Recovery Centre

(Communications & Public Policy, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Economics & Business, Journalism, Political Science)

Sexual Violence New Brunswick
Psychology, Sociology, Gender Studies, Criminology & Criminal Justice


Science East 
History, Science & Technology Studies, Sociology, Anthropology

ServUs Health Inc 
Gerontology, Psychology, Sociology

Simply For Life
Health, Psychology, Communications

The Sleep Kit
Gerontology, Psychology, Communications, Social Work


Solo Chicken Productions
English Language & Literature, Drama, Fine Arts, Musical Theatre

Theatre New Brunswick
English Language & Literature, Drama, Fine Arts, Musical Theatre 

Synergy Teams
Psychology, Sociology

The Dennis Report
Journalism, English Language & Literature, Communications, Great Books

The Gaia Project
Environment & Society, Education, Science & Technology Studies


The Learning Bar 
Education, Communications & Public Policy, Great Books

The Ville Cooperative 
Sociology, Native Studies, Education, Human Rights, Communications, Fine Arts

United Way 
Sociology, Psychology, Social Work, Human Rights, Anthropology, Native Studies

York Care Centre

Gerontology, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work

Hayes Urban Teaching Farm 
Environment & Society, Science & Technology Studies, Communications & Public Policy, Business, Sustainability