St. Thomas University Offering High School Students Remote Learning University Courses

St. Thomas University is offering an Advanced Standing Pilot Program for grade 12 high school students in New Brunswick and Maritime Canada who wish to take introductory university courses for academic credit. 


This new program will expand online options for eligible grade 12 students. It provides these students with the opportunity to engage in university-level coursework on a part-time basis taking a maximum of two courses per semester. The full-year or half-year courses include communications, economics, literature, world history, journalism, political science (Canadian and global) and psychology, among 22 options. 


To be eligible for the program, students must be enrolled in the final year of a high school program and have achieved a grade of 85% or higher on a grade 11-level, academic English course and on a grade 11-level, academic history or social studies course. 


The pilot program is possible because of the implementation of advanced remote learning tools for the fall semester, as well as building on the success of this summer when the university opened its intersession and summer session courses to graduating high school students. The course delivery model that many faculty members have adopted for this year means that many courses will allow for more flexibility in terms of engaging with the course content.  


St. Thomas University has a long-standing and on-going relationship with local high schools. In April, the university partnered with the New Brunswick Department of Early Childhood Education and Development to allow high school students to take courses during the summer, allowing those students to get an early start on their post-secondary studies. Students who took advantage of the program performed very well academically. This is consistent with the results from students who take part in the on-going University Now dual university/high school credit program that has been offered to Fredericton-area high school students for several years.   


The new program will charge part-time tuition fees and the courses will count towards a university degree. 


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