Meal Plans

St. Thomas University offers All-You-Care-To-Eat dining at the George Martin Dining Hall. All-You-Care-To-Eat meal plans mean that once you have swiped yourself into the dining hall with you student ID/meal card, you are able to enjoy as much or as little food as you wish without worrying about the costs of individual items. 


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Meal Plan Options for Residence Students

Students who live in residence have three meal plans to choose from. The Freedom Plan is usually the most popular among residence students because it offers maximum flexibility and value. Be sure to read through the descriptions below and choose a plan that best fits your lifestyle and eating habits. 
The Freedom Plan – Value and Maximum Flexibility ($4,895)
Enjoy unlimited access to the George Martin Dining Hall during all hours of operation. This plan takes away the need to budget or count meals/visits during the week. It is best for students living in residence who anticipate using the dining rooms as their primary source of meals or who tend to have frequent small-meals or snacks throughout the day. The Freedom Plan also includes $100 Flex Dollars.

The 14-Meal Plan – Controlling Your Budget ($4,665
Maintain control of your budget with a 14 meals-per-week plan. This plan allows holders to enter the George Martin Dining Hall up to 14 times during the week for an All-You-Care-To-Eat visit. This plan also includes $250 Flex Dollars.

The 10-Meal Plan – The Basic ($3,942)

With this plan, you will have access to the George Martin and Forest Hill Dining Halls up to 10 times per week for All-You-Care-To-Eat access. The best value for those having a lot going on, especially on the weekends. This plan includes $300 Flex Dollars.