Guidelines for Letter of Intent and Résumé

Guidelines for Letter of Intent 

While we would like to accept all qualified candidates who are seeking the kind of professional preparation we offer, we have limited space in our program. Your letter of intent is an important factor in the admissions decision-making process.   


Your letter of intent should outline your reasons for applying to the Bachelor of Education program. Write about your strengths and the experiences which you feel will have a positive impact on your potential to be a teacher. Outline your relevant experiences as a learner, volunteer, or teacher. The most valuable experiences will be those you can connect in some way to teaching. Strong letters will describe your experiences working with young people in the age group you hope to teach. From your letter of intent, the Selection Committee should be able to assess what these experiences have taught you about young people and yourself as a potential educator. The Selection Committee is also interested in how your experience profile supports your content-area preparation for the grades you hope to teach in your field placement. Elementary educators are generalists who teach all subjects, while middle and secondary educators typically teach two subjects. Describe how your experience profile positions you to be successful in the program and the profession.

Your letter of intent should be 800-1000 words in length, double spaced, in standard 12-point font. Your written communication skills are also an important consideration in your letter.

Your letter of intent must be uploaded directly to your application form prior to its submission.    

Guidelines for Résumé

Please be sure to include a current resume (approximately 1-2 pages) which includes recent education, work, and volunteer history. Your resume must be uploaded directly to your application form prior to its submission.