STU Graduates at Work

A degree from STU is versatile and transferable—and so are the skills you’ll develop through classes, research, experiential learning, and internships. In a world defined by constant social and technological change, employers need graduates who possess communication skills, an ability to problem solve, adapt, and draw on a wide range of knowledge and experience.


Benjamin Lord, BA ‘15
Studied: English Language and Literature and Economics

“STU gave me the tools necessary to explain complex issues to my clients, other lawyers, and the court. You can learn a lot through practical experience, but STU is the best place to learn how to think critically about an issue.”




Kathy Simon, BA ‘13
Speech Language Pathologist
Studied: Psychology and Gerontology

“Going to STU helped me build a strong foundation academically. The small class sizes allowed me to build strong connections with professors and classmates. It was the best place for me to pursue my undergraduate degree and it will always have a special place in my heart!”



Oscar Baker, BA ‘16
Indigenous Affairs Reporter at the Cape Breton Post
Studied: Journalism and Communications

“My courses at STU taught me the value of great writing. The field is changing rapidly and new digital skills are expected, but the foundation of any journalist should be the ability to tell an accurate story, and writing is at its core.”




Julie Mahoney, BA ‘11
Occupational Therapy
Studied: Gerontology

“STU helped me develop foundational life skills such as communication, analytical reasoning, and critical thinking. I use these skills regularly in occupational therapy.”





Sawyer Hannay, BA ‘17
Creator / President, Country Liberty
Studied: Economics with Business

“My education taught me how to think critically and problem solve. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know until I went to university. Now I can think in depth on any subject and solve problems, which is very important when you’re running a business.”



Laura Mcnutt, BA ’14, BSW ‘16
Grief and Bereavement Social Worker
Studied: Economics and Sociology

“STU provided a strong foundation in critical thinking and the promotion of social justice. Those important values were carried throughout the Bachelor of Social Work program.”





Roger Miranda, BA ‘15
Studied: Political Economy and International Relations

“STU prepared me for my future by providing me with skills to adapt to any situation. By participating in extracurricular activities, I was able to develop leadership skills that I use every day in my position.”




Nahomi Lopez, BA ‘18
International Digital Marketing
Studied: Communications and Public Policy

“There are so many things about a liberal arts education that have become key and defining skills of the professional I am today. A strong sense of social responsibility, adaptability, analytical skills, problem-solving, and creativity are skills I’ve been praised for and I have STU to thank for them.” 



Catherine Lansley, BA ‘18
Research Analyst at Global Public Affairs
Studied: Human Rights and Communications and Public Policy

“STU provided a safe environment for me to explore my interests and passions and engage with professors and like-minded peers. It gave me the uniquely small university opportunity to get involved in all facets of campus life and build relationships through internships and experiential learning opportunities. STU taught me the hard skills I use every day, from considering a wide variety of perspectives to defending an argument to drafting a research report.”



Book Sadprasid, BA ‘17
User Interface and User Experience Designer for Vision Race
Studied: Journalism and Communications

“I had so many opportunities at STU to work and volunteer. I worked everywhere from the campus newspaper and Students' Union to student services. All of these jobs allowed me to explore my own interests as well as prepare me for the workforce.”




Hallie Mazurkiewicz, BA ‘12
CEO, Founder of Lunar Wild
Studied: Psychology and English Language and Literature

“I realized I was just as well equipped, if not more so, than my Ivy League peers because I was able to cast a wide net at STU and engage with multiple disciplines.”





Marissa Scott, BA ‘17
Recreation Therapist and Behavioural Support worker
Studied: Gerontology, Psychology, and Sociology

“Without the education and guidance I received at STU, I would not have found a career in a field that suits my passions and abilities like recreation therapy. I use what my professors taught my ever day.”