Welcome, Future STUdents!

It's time for the next step toward becoming a St. Thomas University student—registering for your first-year courses. Accepted applicants can find their STU username and password, which is used to log-in to the online course registration system WebAdvisor, under the "Next Steps" tab on their applicant portal. Everything else you need to know to successfully register for your first year can be found here in this section of our website. 

Upcoming Important Dates 

Tuesday, April 26 

Register for your first-year courses! 

What to Know Before Registering

Become familiar with the terminology of course registration.

Course Registration Steps

Follow these steps to plan and register for your first year at STU.

Course Descriptions

Read the descriptions for all the courses available to first-year students.

Course Offerings

Review the days and times that different courses of interest are offered.

Image for First-Year Great Books Program

First-Year Great Books Program

Seminar-style course where you discuss literature, philosophy, and political theory.

How to Register for Courses at STU

It's time to register for your first year at St. Thomas University! We know you're excited—we're excited, too! Here are some basic answers to some of our most asked questions.