Sponsor a Crystal

Be Part of "the Gift that Keeps On Giving"

Master stained-glass artist Ned Bowes BA’73 has gifted his alma mater a century-old, restored chandelier that now hangs in the Great Hall in George Martin Hall. Ned has been a Stained Glass artist and Conservator for 40 years. When he realized the chandelier, from Pittsburgh, was too big for personal use, he wanted to share it so that others could appreciate its distinctive beauty.

Once the chandelier was hung, Ned brought the 7,000 crystals he had cleaned, repaired, and re-strung, and started the reassembly, a process which took a week. For most of this time, he was working while lying on his back on top of scaffolding.  

Sponsor a Crystal

Students arriving at STU in the fall of 2021 are going to need financial support more than ever as they come off the most challenging academic year in St. Thomas history. This is why all proceeds from sponsoring a crystal will be going to scholarships and bursaries to ensure as many students as possible can receive an extra ‘helping hand’.


Ned gifted St. Thomas the beautiful chandelier, now we are asking you to continue this gift by sponsoring one of the 7,000 crystals on the chandelier to support a STU student today. A charitable tax receipt will be issued in full for each gift. 

Click HERE to Sponsor a Crystal.