Peer Tutoring FAQ

How do I book a tutoring session?

Students can contact a Peer Tutor directly to make an appointment. When emailing a tutor, please indicate what you would like help with (ex: studying for a test, understanding the course material, keeping up with the weekly coursework) and the dates and times you are available.

How do I find out who are the tutors for my class?

Click on the link below, and choose a tutor who matches with the class for which you need tutoring. Send them an email, and they will respond within 24 hours to set up a date and time to meet with you on campus.  

PEER TUTORS 2019-2020

Remember that Peer Tutors are students too, and some may be very busy during certain weeks. Don’t wait until the last minute to seek help!  Students who repeatedly miss or cancel appointments with less than 24 hours' notice may have their tutoring privileges revoked.

There is no Peer Tutor for the class I need help with. What do I do?

Please email Heather MacDonald, Writing Centre Coordinator, at, or drop by the Writing Centre in Edmund Casey Hall, Room 102. The Coordinator will reach out to students in that discipline, and find a tutor to work with you as soon as possible.

What can a Peer Tutor help me with during a session?

 Tutors can help you:

  • review weekly class readings and concepts,
  • study and organize your class notes,
  • complete not-for-credit practice exercises,
  • find and evaluate research materials
  • help you plan to complete class projects
  • model and teach A-level student academic skill
  • provide motivation and incentive to study each week

Please note that peer tutors cannot help you complete assignments that will be graded by your instructor, nor can they proofread your written assignments. For help with writing, please visit the Writing Centre.

Peer Tutors are helpers, but not doers. You are ultimately responsible for your academic performance, and graded assignments.

What should I bring to an appointment?

  • related course materials (e.g. class notes, textbook, syllabus, handouts),
  • questions about specific chapters or concepts from class,
  • suggestions for how to spend your time together.

How do I become a Peer Tutor? 

To qualify as a Peer Tutor, students must:

  • be returning students, preferably in their 3rd or 4th year
  • be majoring or honouring in the subject for which they wish to tutor* 
  • have a minimum A- (3.5 GPA) average in that subject area
  • have strong interpersonal and communication skills. 

*Exceptions: Aquinas, Biology, Irish Studies, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Mathematics, and Peace Studies courses. Native speakers of Spanish, French, Italian or Japanese should state their language abilities in their cover letter.


If you meet these criteria, please contact the Writing Centre Coordinator at or (506) 452-0480 to learn if there are available opportunities in your subject area.