Bystander Intervention Online Training


The office of Campus Sexual Assault Support and Advocacy provides education to the campus community to address issues of sexual violence. One of the most accessible training opportunities is the online bystander intervention, Seeds of Change: Bystander Skills that Transform Cultures of Sexual Violence. 


Bystander Intervention training has been successful in raising awareness about sexual violence and encouraging individuals to feel confident intervening when possible. While most prevention programming is aimed toward individuals learning how to protect themselves from violence, these workshops seek to empower communities to make change in their own lives, perpetuating a culture of violence intolerance. 


About the Training


There are three modules in the course and each module has two lessons. After completing each lesson, you unlock the next lesson within the course. Upon completing all modules, you receive a certificate of completion.  


STU students wishing to take this training can register at Register New Account (